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Sharing the H2 car with my dad

Adding the 70 MPa fueling capability at our campus hydrogen fueling station essentially doubled the driving range of our fuel cell Highlander. This enabled me to finally take the car on June 25-26, 2015 to my hometown in northeastern NJ and show it to my dad — something I’ve wanted to do since receiving FCHV driver training. My 86-year-old, retired science teacher father, who grew up without television or indoor plumbing, said he never thought he’d SEE a hydrogen vehicle much less ride in one. As we drove to my sister’s house, he kept saying how neat the vehicle is and was smiling like a little kid at Christmas. Mission accomplished.

Sue Wallace


APCI H2 Car at Trucks & More

I took the APCI H2 Car to Trucks & More sponsored by the Junior League of the Lehigh Valley on May 9, 2015. This event is designed to give children the opportunity to climb and explore trucks, emergency vehicles, equipment, and more. There were also two electric cars at the event, so we were able to feature an alternative fuels area. The H2 car was popular with both children and adults. I had lots of interest and great questions. Attached are three pictures.

Julie D. Kister, PE

Hydrogen Car experience

I presented information about Air Products, hydrogen and the Toyota Highlander Fuel Cell car to the 7th grade science classes at Wilson (West Lawn) Southern Middle School on Thurs 26 Feb 2015. Each session lasted about 40 minutes which included a trip outside to look at the car. The students and teachers were really engaged and excited about the possibility for this alternative fuel car. Earlier in the year the students had learned about alternative fuels and this helped make their learning more concrete to see an actual alternative fuel car in real life! Pictures from that day can be found at :

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Hydrogen Car at Jaindl Elementary School

Attached are some photos from the recent Hydrogen Car presentation at Jaindl Elementary School, Breinigsville, PA.

We had all 4th grade classes in attendance for a Hydrogen Car presentation and a tour of the vehicle on November 4, 2014.

This presentation and visit coincided well with their current study on Natural Resources for Science.

The children really enjoyed learning about Hydrogen and its amazing benefits and were very excited to view the Hydrogen Car.

My son, Brayden was in one of the 4th grade classes and told me after the presentation that the kids loved it and hope that we return next year for another presentation!


Hydrogen Car Experience

Here’s my hydrogen car experience:

My roommate and I recently went through hydrogen ambassador training and were excited to drive the hydrogen car for the first time. When we got to the car, we immediately got a notification that it had to be refueled – off to the Air Products hydrogen refueling station! It was great to experience refueling the car; the practice will certainly come in handy when commercially produced hydrogen cars become available in this area in the future!

Over the two days we had it, we drove it around Bethlehem and to and from work. It drives nicely and surprisingly feels just like a normal car (less the engine noise). It’s interesting that once the car is turned off the water is purged from the car so it continues to hum for a short while when the key is removed. Our CDP friends enjoyed being in the car and asked us some questions about the car and its performance. They’re motivated to become hydrogen ambassadors now too! Thanks for the experience and we look forward to taking the hydrogen car out again in the future!

Tyler Fruneaux


Today was picture day at my sons school and he was so excited to get dropped off at school in the SmartFuel Hydrogen car! I later found out from his teacher he talked to the class for 15 minutes about Air Products and how awesome the SmartFuel Hydrogen car was. Not bad for a 2nd grader!

The Toyota Hydrogen Smart car was very impressive and great to drive. At many times I was getting 90 mpg and averaged 60+ mpg, pretty impressive!

Jason J Behler

Hydrogen Car Visits the Brandywine Community Library (6/28)

The visit of the Hydrogen car to Brandywine Community Library in Topton was the perfect way to compliment the summer reading theme “Fizz Boom Read”. Library patrons are learning about all things science related this summer, so having a real life example of science in action was a bonus. Looking under the hood and taking rides around campus changed science from something you read about into something you experience. Library patrons were also able to see a small model display to learn more about hydrogen fuel cells.

The Brandywine Community Library is a small rural community library serving the communities of Topton, Rockland, Longswamp and District Topton a service area of about 12,000. It is located on the campus of The Lutheran Home and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Residents of the home as well as families were full of curiosity about the Hydrogen car and seemed eager to ask questions all morning while the booth was set up at the library entrance. They asked quite a few questions about fuel economy, the production of hydrogen, and many of them wanted to know when they could buy a hydrogen car in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Ernie Haller for helping with this event.

Bill Arey