Hydrogen Car Experience

Here’s my hydrogen car experience:

My roommate and I recently went through hydrogen ambassador training and were excited to drive the hydrogen car for the first time. When we got to the car, we immediately got a notification that it had to be refueled – off to the Air Products hydrogen refueling station! It was great to experience refueling the car; the practice will certainly come in handy when commercially produced hydrogen cars become available in this area in the future!

Over the two days we had it, we drove it around Bethlehem and to and from work. It drives nicely and surprisingly feels just like a normal car (less the engine noise). It’s interesting that once the car is turned off the water is purged from the car so it continues to hum for a short while when the key is removed. Our CDP friends enjoyed being in the car and asked us some questions about the car and its performance. They’re motivated to become hydrogen ambassadors now too! Thanks for the experience and we look forward to taking the hydrogen car out again in the future!

Tyler Fruneaux


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