Hydrogen Car Visits the Brandywine Community Library (6/28)

The visit of the Hydrogen car to Brandywine Community Library in Topton was the perfect way to compliment the summer reading theme “Fizz Boom Read”. Library patrons are learning about all things science related this summer, so having a real life example of science in action was a bonus. Looking under the hood and taking rides around campus changed science from something you read about into something you experience. Library patrons were also able to see a small model display to learn more about hydrogen fuel cells.

The Brandywine Community Library is a small rural community library serving the communities of Topton, Rockland, Longswamp and District Topton a service area of about 12,000. It is located on the campus of The Lutheran Home and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Residents of the home as well as families were full of curiosity about the Hydrogen car and seemed eager to ask questions all morning while the booth was set up at the library entrance. They asked quite a few questions about fuel economy, the production of hydrogen, and many of them wanted to know when they could buy a hydrogen car in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Ernie Haller for helping with this event.

Bill Arey


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