Hydrogen Car Around Town

I recently had the hydrogen car for a couple of nights and took it out for some photo opportunities. The first night we met some colleagues from the UK for dinner at the Bone Fish. My supervisor drove the car from our Trexlertown facility to the restaurant. He was impressed by the responsiveness, and had lots of questions about how things worked. Some of questions were easier than others, how did you get to drive the car (took the required training), does it make a lot of noise (not too much), what does it engine look like (let’s have a look), what is that dripping out of the back of the car (water!). When we got to the restaurant we were lucky enough to get a spot right outside the door. What good advertising. The next night I was on my own, so I thought I’d take the car out for a spin and make some stops along the way. First stop, Wegmans, had a quick bite to eat and then on to Emmaus and back to Kohl’s in Trexlertown. Proud to be able to represent Air Products and this new technology!

– Ruth Ziegler


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