Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv Arrives at Home

As a hydrogen ambassador, last evening I brought home the Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv (this has taken the place on Air Products’ campus of the Chevy’s Equinox). As I pulled into my driveway, I was shocked that my two step sons were already out the door to see the car. They previously had the opportunity to see and ride in the Chevy Equinox and were extremely inquisitive when I explained that this was the newest car we had on campus. They didn’t remember all the facts from the previous Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, so it was great to be able to show them a technology that may in their cars when they learn drive! They were even requesting the pamphlets of information we typically have available at shows so that they could review it later (even if they may just have wanted to look at the neat pictures).

– Ross N. Strebig


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