GLVAS – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Are a Reality

This past weekend I had the unique opportunity to participate as one of the 10 hydrogen ambassadors answering questions regarding Air Products Smart Fuel® technology and the Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv at the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show (GLVAS). The GLVAS provided a great opportunity for us to connect with many people throughout the Lehigh Valley and answer a variety of questions on the technology and vehicle (some of those questions coming from spectators who saw Chevy’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Equinox on display by Air Products at a past GLVAS). One of the most burning questions on the minds of people was, “When can we buy one?” Finally we had a definitive …this year, 2014! It was great to see how people responded and were intrigued when they found out that Air Products Smart Fuel® stations and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were official coming onto the market and are no longer a concept. Albeit there was a some dismay as we discussed that the initial roll-out is only in California, but hopes are high that the technology will reach throughout the US soon! The 4-day event was truly a great experience to showcase AP and a technology that boasts and array of benefits to transportation and fuel industries which is no longer a concept, but a reality.

– Ross N. Strebig


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