Trucks & More

The Junior League of the Lehigh Valley hosted the First Annual Trucks & More event on Saturday, May 12, 2012.  Trucks & More offers children a hands-on opportunity to explore and learn about trucks and other vehicles.  The Air Products Hydrogen Car was part of the event.  Connie Metzger and I presented the Hydrogen Car.  The event was a success.  The weather was great.  We had a really good crowd.   We passed out a package and  a half of information pamphlets.   We also passed out a lot of stickers (the stickers were popular with the pre-schoolers).  We had a lot of interest, especially from the adults.

Above is a picture of me by the car with my two sons and our friend Mark Radcliffe with his daughter (his wife Kara is on the JLLV Board).  My five year old son summed things up well by saying ‘The Hydrogen Car was the ‘More’ part of Trucks & More.’

41095468-may iphone 022


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