Back to the Future

The weekend of March 24 brought the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show to the Stabler Arena on Lehigh University’s campus. I was one of the nine lucky Air Products employees who were chosen to answer questions in lobby of the main building with our 2008 Chevy Equinox HFCEV. We answered all sorts of questions like  “Where does hydrogen come from?” “How do you fill it up?” “Is it safe?” and “How will you build the infrastructure to support cars that run on hydrogen.”

It was so rewarding to see the enthusiasm of the show go-ers as they came up to get their picture taken by the car. Many people told us that they have seen the car around their neighborhood or on Rt. 22 and, of course, everyone wanted to know when they can buy one.

The best part was how everyone perceived our car to be more technologically advanced than the other cars at the show until we told them that the newer hydrogen cars go further between re-fueling and are even more technologically advanced. After all, we needed to step back to the future to bring our 2008 model hydrogen car to the GLV Auto Show.

39459191-H2 Car Joe Dave Raymon


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