My Time With The Hydrogen Vehicle

I finally was able to drive and take home the HydroJen Equinox SUV for two nights during the week after some schedule changes. When going home the first night, I decided to fill the vehicle with some hydrogen. While I had my training, I had errors come up on the fill screen. I ended up calling for help and apparently I didn’t perform the steps in sequence, which is very important! After starting over, disconnecting everything, the vehicle filled properly. With the full amount of Hydrogen in the tanks, (86 miles range) I headed home.

The DC motor was quick and once I got used to the different noises it makes, it was like driving any other Equinox SUV. I stopped and showed the vehicle to my family and friends during my time with the vehicle and they were impressed. I gave them some pamphlets and explained how the vehicle worked. I also stopped at a few places along the way, which was going grocery shopping and a trip for some Polish water ice with my son. (See pics)

I didn’t get the stares or attention as I thought maybe I would, but that was a good thing. I also attended the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show this year at Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, PA and the HydroJen vehicle was part of the display.

I would love to see this technolgy grow in the future and be a cost effective solution. Getting the mileage range a little higher would help tremendously.

I have to say I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to drive the vehicle, and I like to thank that all involved in giving us the employees an opportunity to do so.


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