Driving the HydroJen Car

I recently reserved the  HydroJen Chevy Equinox Fuel cell car for two nights.  I wasblown away by how quiet the car is during start up and running on the highway.  My wife and I took the car up to the Lehigh Valley Mall area, where of course we had an audience viewing the car when we were leaving the mall.  We handed out pamphlets and I answered several questions.  The second night I took my son out and he was amazed how great the acceleration was on this vehicle. He also liked the display of how the hydrogen/fuel cells worked. It was an enjoyable two nights and a great experience.

P.S. The Activities Committee has been using these vehicles the past two years for Operation Santa Claus Delivery.  All the Committee members always enjoy the riding experience as well.


One thought on “Driving the HydroJen Car

  1. I wish I could also drive to a hydrogen fuel-powered car so that I can have a small review on it and how would car companies improve it. In the meantime, I would just see people walking and parking their cars at the park.

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