Our weekend with the H2 car

Having the H2 car over the weekend was a great experience.  My wife and I rode around in the car on various errands and enjoyed the smooth feel of the driving experience.  Some people noticed the bright ‘HydroJen on the hood and then noticed they were looking at a fuel cell car.  Other people paid no attention.  My wifes brother, wife, and two kids came over to see the car drive it.  I took a good picture of my son and his cousin (with hat) in front of the car (below).  My two-year old can now sayhydrogen car very well.  He wanted to keep riding in it more than our other car, although there is no difference in the ride from the view of a kids car seat and he has no idea what hydrogen is since he is only two.  Everyone was surprised at how quiet the car was and how much it was like driving any other car.  I was surprised that the car could accelerate like any gas engine.  I fueled up the car back at the headquarters at the end of the weekend.  Being an engineer, I of course had to crunch the mileage numbers which seemed to be around 40-50mpg far better than the gasoline version.



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