HydroJen Surprises Everybody She Sees

I had HydroJen (Chevrolet Equinox) over a weekend and I drove over 400 miles and everywhere I stopped people asked questions and took photos. People could not believe that this car has such good pick-up. Even while traveling at highway speed, HydroJen wanted more. It seemed like there would be no end to the power curve. Everybody was shocked that a car could have NO emissions. It was hard for people to understand that a fuel cell and not and engine was powering HydroJen. The only issue I had with her was during fueling. However, I also took into consideration that fueling testing was going on during the day and maybe adjustments to the system were affecting the fueling process. This is the way of the future. I have also seen that a tractor trailer was being tested in California. And one other surprise I found out was that there is also a Tug Boat using this same type of power plant. This has reinforced my belief that H2 is definitely the wave of the future.

This is a car that I would like to have the opportunity to take out again. I would ask to show that car at an event if the car is still available.


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