DeSales Sustainable Energy Convention – 2011

“How soon until I can buy one?”

“Can I convert my current car to hydrogen?”

“Will you sell me this car?”

 The questions and positive feedback from enthralled visitors were seemingly endless when Don Bucci and Brianne Wilburne showed the fuel cell car at Energypath 2011.  The Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) held Energypath 2011 at DeSales University. The conference focused on various aspects of sustainable energy.  Solar panel displays and lighting displays were set up outside, but HydroJen seemed to steal the spotlight!  A crowd formed around HydroJen quickly upon arrival.  Future hydrogen car drivers were impressed with how similar to gasoline cars the interior and operation are.  Most of the feedback included interest in buying a hydrogen car and wanting to know more about when hydrogen cars will be common on the roads. The ubiquitous energy about hydrogen cars was a sure sign of a successful event!




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