My Experience Driving The Hydrogen Car

 I had an opportunity to take the hydrogen car home on two consecutive days.  The experience started off with fueling the car at our hydrogen station. The fueling training came in handy, I must say. Soon thereafter, I took the car for a drive. I was taken aback by how quiet the car drives and how quickly it accelerates. I couldnt help but notice the friendly stares I received; I recall an instance where one guy pointed to the car and appeared to state,I want one of those. Eventually I got home and my neighbor suggested we take a ride around the neighborhood. He, too, was blown away by the quietness and speed of the vehicle. He asked numerous questions regarding the technology and commercial viability of the car. He took pictures of the car and posted them on his Facebook page. As the night wore on, I had a few other inquisitive neighbors come by to check out the vehicle.

Overall, it was a positive experience and I cant wait to get my hands on a similar car once its available. Hopefully, the building of the fueling infrastructure will not take too long.




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