Hydrogen Car Experience

My family and I had an absolutely wonderful experience with the hydrogen car.  My kids, ages 10 and 13, were very excited to experience thefuture.”  At first, they were surprised that it looked like a regular SUV.  I think they were expecting a new space-age type of vehicle.  The kids were totally amazed with the steam coming from the exhaust.  They thought that was the neatest part.

We took it several places over the weekend and showed it off to our friends.  Everyone who saw the vehicle had also seen the recent press on the Solar Farm on campus and were impressed regarding Air Products’ environmental commitment and its innovation in the green technologies.

My husband and I really liked driving the car.  We have quite a few hills around our home and our regular gas engine cars shift up and down on the hills.  The hydrogen car, however, had no problems with the hills.  It just let you accelerate and was very smooth and quiet.  The performance was great and much preferred to our current vehicles.  I would buy one tomorrow if they were available.  I did notice that the vehicle requires more braking, especially down hills, than a regular car.

Probably the only downside of the vehicle was the limited mileage per fill-up.  I was expecting to get around 100 miles before a fill-up.  When I got in the car, the miles remaining showed 83 and the vehicle would not take any more fuel.  Given that I live in a rural area 30-miles round trip from campus and a that I need to drive about 40-miles round trip to get to shopping or other activities, I was very limited in where I could take the car without worrying about running out of hydrogen.  I did bring the car back to campus to refuel so I could get a bit more driving in and on the second fill up I got 80-miles remaining.  I understand the mileage limitation has to do with our fueling station and the age of this vehicle and newer vehicles get more miles per tank.  Being able to go 150- to 200-miles per tank which would really make the experience more realistic. 


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