HydroJen’s Visit to Shoemakersville, Fleetwood and Blandon

The heads were turning all weekend, as we visited various locations. 

First stop was at the CeGees DriveIin in Blandon, PA for Cruise Night.  Lots of classic/muscle cars, but there were just as many people asking questions about the HydroJen car.

 The big questions from the public were on   about safety and  cost.  The Car people were more interested in the performance details.  Everyone was pleased with the answers they received.

Next stop was Candys Ice Cream shop in Shoemakersville, PA.  It didnt take long for a crowd to form and the questions start flying.  We did find time to eat some ice cream.

Sunday afternoon was spent around the neighborhood.  Everyone was impress with how quiet it was and when we took to the road, the most common word wasWow!

Several people commented that it rode better then their current car.

Sunday night we drove to Fleetwood Park for  theConcert in the Park series.  There werent a lot of questions, but HydroJen turned some heads.

The whole experience sold me.  Id buy one today if could.  I hope to have another opportunity in the future to share the car with friends, family and the community.






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