Hydrogen Car Experience — the GM model.


I (Wei Wei Li) had the chance to drive the car during the memorial weekend. I had the GM model the one without the H2 girl on the hood.

I am most impressed by how s-m-ooth it rides! There is no vibration no matter what you do You wont feel the change of the gear going uphill/downhill/accelerates.  I am also impressed by how fast the acceleration is. In the book, it says 0-60mph in 10-12 seconds, but it really is much shorter than that.  And, of course, it is very quiet inside the car. I like the fact the car calculates how many miles you have left. The calculation seems to be on the conservative side. I like the fact that there are approximately 90-percent fewer moving parts in the car.  Why are our (current) cars so complicated? 

People loved it!  My friends and neighbors really loved it and appreciated the opportunity that Air Products can showcase the car. I drove to the French Creek and stopped at the Long Acres ice cream place, showed people the car and handed out the brochures. The car got a lot of attention on the road as well.  Drivers talked about it while waiting for the traffic lights. The questions asked most were:Can I take a look under the hood? Andwhere do you fuel it?  We all want one!

The only question I have Why was there was some minor vinegary smell outside of the car, especially in the back?

Thanks to Air Products, Nick Mittica, Nick Pugliese, Eileen Henitz, and many others to make possible this wonderful opportunity! It is great to stay green!






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