Hydrogen Vehicle Driving Experience

I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet the car operated.  I drove the vehicle for two evenings after work.  Most of my driving was to and from work / home.  I also drove it to the local township building one night to attend a meetingIt has excellent acceleration power and handles very well although Im likely a relatively conservative driverI did have a little difficulty removing the fueling nozzle the first morning that I tried to fill the car, but I did fuel the car the morning of the second day with ease.

The fueling began and I could see the percentage filled display increasing on the fueling station display.  But then it suddenly seemed to stop and indicate fill complete but it actually stopped filling at about 60-percent filled.  When I started up the car, the dashboard display only indicated 91 miles range.  Perhaps the hydrogen generator started running at the filling station but I do not recall hearing it running.  I think that the fill station is temporarily disabled when the generator is running?

Anyway, overall, I was very pleased with the driving experience and was able to show the fuel cell/engine to the people at the township meeting as well as to many neighbors and friends.

I would very much be interested in having another opportunity to drive the vehicle a weekend would be better.


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