HydroJen went to Corpus Christi Catholic School in Lansdale, PA

I took the HydroJen car to Corpus Christi Catholic School in Lansdale, PA on May 3, 2011.  I gave a presentation to 44 eighth grade students, and then I took them outside to show them the hydrogen car.  I also had the principal, and the eighth grade teachers test drive the car in the parking lot.  The adults were very impressed by the car, and could not get over how quiet it was!  Adults and students were excited by the technology and asked a lot of thoughtful questions.

 I thoroughly enjoyed driving the car myself–the pick-up is great, and it handles like a regular car, but it is just a lot quieter.  My kids also got a huge kick out of riding in HydroJen to school and to my sons baseball game.   They insisted I keep the auxiliary setting on the whole time, so they could see the visual of the hydrogen moving through the vehicle.   They posed with it inside my garage.

 Overall, it was a great experience!





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