APD Largest Investor Drives Hydrogen Car

While much attention is paid to our quarterly results, it is nice to see investors’ vision extending beyond the next quarter. Recently, Paul Eckley, senior vice president and chief investment officer for State Farm Insurance, visited Air Products’ corporate headquarters in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. State Farm is a long-term shareholder of Air Products and is currently our largest shareholder, with over 15 million shares of Air Products.

“We have owned Air Products’ common stock for 25 years, and State Farm’s preference would be to hold it for another 25 years. So, I am interested in the long term trends, and I want to understand how you run the business,” said Paul.

During his visit, Paul met with John McGlade, Paul Huck, Bob Dixon and Steve Jones and also had a chance to drive the Hydrogen Fuel Cell car and refuel it at the hydrogen fueling station on campus. He was shown some of the exciting applications development work in R&D2 and the materials development work in R&D4.

“Paul Eckley and State Farm are a great example of a strategic investment fit with Air Products. Their long-term focus still demands we continue to meet and exceed their expectations on an on-going basis as our number one shareholder,” said Simon Moore, director of Investor Relations, who also met with Paul and sponsored his visit.      



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