Fun with the Hydrogen Car

I had the pleasure of driving the hydrogen car for a weekend in January.  It was a very cold weekend, but that did not seem to be an issue for the car.  It started right up each time.   A lot of friends, young and old, were very interested in the car.  Several of these friends had the experience to drive the car, and were very impressed by the drive.   We were all surprised at the responsiveness of the car, the pickup and the smooth ride.  I took this car on some back roads that had a lot of hills and again no hesitation, very impressive.  Everywhere I went, there was interest in the car.  Several times when I was parked somewhere people would come up and ask about the car.  All comments were very positive.  Attached are several pictures of friends and family who drove the car.  Thanks to Nick for giving me the opportunity to learn about the car and to drive it.






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