Hydrogen Car Spotted at the Hotel Hershey

Back in September, the hydrogen car made its way to the Hotel Hershey for the LNG Owners conference.  How did it get there you may ask?  While the roundtrip distance is beyond the range of the vehicle (when filled to 350BAR), I was able to take advantage of another hydrogen fueling station located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

After filling the car at Trexlertown, I drove 85 miles to the Defense Logistics Agency  Supply Depot in New Cumberland, PA.  Air Products has installed a fueling station to support a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts at this large warehouse facility.  The fueling station at this location has an outdoor dispenser similar to the one here in Trexlertown.  After a quick fueling stop, it was another 20 miles back to the Hotel Hershey.  During my visit to the hotel, the car was available for ride and drives for attendees of the LNG conference.

Following the conference, it was back to New Cumberland to refuel, and then the return trip back to Trexlertown.

There were no problems with thiscross country excursion, leaving this driver very confident that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will have a role in the not-too-distant future.

So, heres to driving toward a cleaner environment one car at a time.



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