First Official Micro Soccer Team in Allentown 2010

Here is a picture taken on Saturday 10/30/10 with some of the kids from my Micro Soccer Team!

The AYSC (Allentown Youth Soccer Club) Intramural Season this year for the first time included kids age 5-7. We met at Fountain Park in Allentown and Coach Mark Maddock and myself enjoyed watching them play and learn the fundamentals. You see the hydrogen car in the background.  The ride was smooth and quiet.  Its the strong silent type (smile). 

On Friday; I took my friend Margaret for a ride; she had never been in a hydrogen car and called to tell her daughter in New Jersey before we left. I then rode more friends around. I got a lot of questions! Most often was, When will everybody drive one of these?  I couldnt answer that.

On Saturday after leaving soccer; I re-fueled; however, the first time I only got in a small amount.  I waited for it to reset and tried it again. This time I got it to the 110 range and left to go home in Carbon County.  I noticed that the range seemed to go down fast as I was on the turnpike, by the time I got home the range was 55!  I didnt move the car until Monday morning and I drove straight to work and parked!

I loved the hydrogen car because I dont go home through the week to save on gas; but definitely got a scare of not having enough to get back to work.  But, boy what fun!



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