Valley Youth Services HOLA Event at Camp Fowler

The Air Products Equinox made a visit up to Camp Fowler for the Valley Youth Services HOLA event this week.  Twenty-three students within the program, plus many of their counselors, were on hand for a time management presentation and a discussion related to their upcoming freshman college experience.  The students were all given college essential care packages, including Dell PCs, all provided by Air Products.  The evening finished with a short LIN demonstration, LIN cream for dessert, and Green Rides for all in the Equinox. 

Without question, the Car of the Future, provided today by General Motors and Air Products, was a huge hit with the entire audience.  One of the students even commented that hed consider trading his dream of having a fancy Italian sports car for something this cool!


One thought on “Valley Youth Services HOLA Event at Camp Fowler

  1. Fuel cell vehicle is the only realistic solution as the way of the future.Electric car can only go so much, it is rate dependence.Gasoline/Diesel much be conserve for bad time.

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