I’m going in a hydrogen car! I’m going in a hydrogen car!

Just a quick note to thank you for the opportunity to drive the hydrogen car earlier this week!  I thought you might get a kick out of some highlights:

  • I picked my contribution to the hydrogen generation (a.k.a. kids) up at daycare Wednesday evening and when I mentioned to my daughter Mallory that I had the hydrogen car she started running around daycare excitedly telling her friends and teachers, “I’m going in a hydrogen car!  I’m going in a hydrogen car!  Hydrogen!”  Her enthusiasm was contagious. 
  • The other kids at daycare thought the car was very cool while parents were noting the websites advertized on the doors. 
  • I gave my Marketing and Business Development colleagues opportunities to drive/ride in the car and even had a chat about the virtues of hydrogen fuel with a truck driver along the way.  He was all for alternative fuels and moving away from imported oil.    
  • Technip was in town for our quarterly Hydrosell meeting and they were thrilled to get the chance to drive a H2 powered vehicle.  They have the pictures to prove it.



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