Weekend of 4/24

  • GM has done a nice job overall to make the car similar to our everyday driving experience, with subtle touches to let you know you are driving a fuel cell car (the graphic display of the process, the tachometer that reads in KW vs. RPM, the display info, etc.). I echo Dave’s comment about more info on the display, but I think that’s because we are interested in that kind of stuff – others who drive it may not care as much.
  • I was surprised at how interested my son’s teenage friends were in the car, asking for numerous rides. These aren’t the kind of kids I would have thought would be interested (they are the prototypical school jocks) but they were asking a lot of questions about where we get hydrogen, how much the car costs, how does a fuel cell work, etc. and of course liked the acceleration. When I told them it only emitted water, they immediately went to the exhaust vents and sampled the emissions in true teenager fashion.  
  • My overall impression of the car is great, and other than the range could see how these could catch on with the general public.





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